The Brother Marcellus Society

The Brother Marcellus Society is named for the first Principal of Xaverian Brothers High School, honoring a man whose life as a Xaverian Brother demonstrated his commitment to educational excellence in the Catholic tradition.

The Society is composed of individuals and families who have included Xaverian in their estate plans or have named Xaverian as a beneficiary in a charitable gift arrangement.

If you have already named Xaverian a beneficiary in your plans, we again welcome you to the Brother Marcellus Society. As a member of the Society, you exemplify exceptional commitment to, and faith in, Xaverian that will have a direct impact on generations of future Xaverian students.

The Brother Marcellus Society Members

Agnes Boyle – †
Paul P. Bowes ’68@ 
David F. Brooks, P ’89 †
Dr. Daniel Burgess ’50 †
Mary Burgess 
David A. Capobianco ’76, P ’06 
Robert and Gratia Chase, P ’91  
Nicholas J. Colantuoni ’14
John ’68 and Holly Collins 
The Honorable John and Judy Connor, P ’86, ’93
Linda M. Corbett, P’11 
James W. Corcoran, III ’83
David C. Coughlan ’70
Paul and Patricia Daoust, P ’97, GP ’20, ’21 
John J. Downing, MD ’70 
David W. Duehren ’76
Richard J. Fogarty, Jr., P ’75, ’77, ’80, ’82 † 
Andrew M. Fotta ’14
Lawrence M. Furey, P ’21
Mark J. Gately ’69
Jennifer E. Gibbons, P ’20 
Stephen J. Gill, Esq. ’75@
Elmer J. Goetz, P ’70 †
James M. Greeley ’47 †
Joseph G. Imbriani ’85, P’14 
Michael and Andree Keebaugh, GP ’19 
Edward ’67 and Linda Kennedy 
Mary Ellen King, P ’68 †
Joseph and Cheryl Larrubia, P ’01, ’11, ’13 
Catherine Luna, GP ’06, ’13, ’14
James J. McDermott ’73 
Lisa Morgan, P ’22 
Michael J. Murphy ’75@
Alice Phaneuf – †
Mark E. Reagan ’67
Edward W. Rehill ’48@
William and Mary Risio 
John J. Salamone ’70
Dr. Paul E. Shannon –  †
Mark J. Soule, P ’92
Mr. John Stefanon and Mr. Michael Gackstetter, P ’20,’24
Richard C. Toland 
George T. Wilkinson ’74

@ new this year
† Rest in Peace