Our Extended Family at Xaverian

Bill and Mary RisioFor Bill and Mary, coming to know Xaverian was very much by chance. Mary, who served at Xaverian for eleven years, most recently as the school’s Director of Leadership Giving and Stewardship, retired in 2013.  “In 2001, after a number of years in the Advancement field, I was hired as the Director of Development and spent eleven of the best years of my professional life working with some of the finest and most caring people I’ve ever known. The rest is history.”

Mary recalls a conversation she once had not too long after being hired. “Mr. Lalli [Xaverian’s former principal] came to me one day and asked me how my ministry was going? I was impressed,” explained Mary. “Never before had someone equated my work with being a ministry. I knew then that Xaverian would be more than a job; it was a vocation for me.”

The stories didn’t end there. Many days Mary would come home with stories to share with her husband, Bill. “I’d tell Bill stories about how the faculty interacted with the students, how much they cared, and how willing the boys were to learn.” 
The Risios appreciate the strong presence of the Catholic faith in everyday life at Xaverian, as well as the high expectations in terms of respect, discipline, and academic achievement.  “I loved seeing faith in action as it transforms the boys into young men,” said Mary. For Mary, nowhere was this more visible than at Xaverian graduations. “I felt great admiration and appreciation for the journey each student, parent, and faculty began several years before.”

“If you believe in Xaverian and its mission, you stay connected and you find a way to give back that makes sense. For Bill and I, that was through a planned gift to Xaverian.” When asked, “Why a planned gift?” Bill explains, “We wanted to insure that Xaverian continues to excel well into the future, forming strong Christian men. We feel good knowing that after we are gone; our planned gift will help make this possible.”

With their planned gift, Mary and Bill become members of The Brother Marcellus Society, Xaverian’s planned giving society. As someone who can speak directly to the impact of a planned gift (having worked in Xaverian’s Advancement Office), Mary explains “you have opportunities to support the school in so many ways that benefit current students, faculty, and staff. A planned gift goes beyond this; it looks to the future and makes sure that the education Xaverian provides for young men will still be there.”